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Let's face it, online reviews and opinions are going nowhere soon. The challenge is how do you get your happy customers to share and advocate for you online.

The unfortunate reality is most customers tend to write reviews when they are unhappy. We help turn your happy clients into online advocates with reputation management services.

Online Review Management

"We really love the service at your business." A statement as simple as this read by a potential customer online could be the thing that makes them want to buy your product or hire your service.

As a business owner the hard part is finding and asking your happy customers to share their positive experience online. We almost feel obligated to offer them something for kind words. In reality it is as simple as thanking them, asking and removing the barrier to actually posting their experience online. Also, known as advocacy or reputation management, online review management is a component of how we help drive your online brand presence to the next level.

Social Media Advocacy

Here comes social media again. As mentioned before, social media has become the first place most people go to share and find ideas or opinions on just about everything. This could include finding businesses such as yours or seeing what people have to say about your business.

Bottom line is you must be where they are if you want to have some control over how people perceive your brand. The unfortunate reality today is social media can lift a business up or even bring a business down. You need a strong social media management program to stay relevant and keep your brand visible.

  • Social Profile Creation

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Monitoring & Analytics

  • Content & Creative Creation

  • Organic & Paid Campaigns

"If you don't control your online brand message, someone else will."

- John, Director of Brand Management at BlueLight

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