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What do we mean when we say Form and Function? Again we don't use fancy words and acronyms, simply put as website developers rather than website designers we create beautiful websites that have the customer in mind.

Beauty is within. We know you will love your website because your customers will love your website.

Website Form

The first thing our clients think about when it comes to their website is "how will it look?". As marketing experts we know the importance of how things look. When building a website the fundamental elements of your brand are always under consideration when the development process begins.

Often when it comes to website design or website development you are getting someone who is an expert at one or the other. We consider ourselves experts at making the two work together. Thus, you can be rest assured when your amazing website is finally done it has the appeal you and your customers will appreciate.

Website Function

Often the most overlooked component of building a website by most designers and business owners alike is function. The best way to describe this is considering your website like a virtual store. When you build a store it requires a great design and a great floor plan.

This holds true not only for how the customer experience is when they visit your site, but also how your website communicates with the world wide web. The function of your website is a fundamental component that cannot be overlooked.

Website Marketing

BONUS! When you work with BlueLight Marketing & Advertising we are a full service online brand marketing agency.

You will have a big advantage over your competition from the very start of your online brand development. This means as you consider your website design, the Nuts & Bolts will be in place for growing your online brand presence. As you grow, your website can grow with you. It will complement your future campaigns, translate to better engagement and improved sales.

  • Search Ranking Monitoring & Analysis

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Website Management & Optimization

  • Online Brand Optimization

"Your website is your most important office or storefeont, invest in the place your customers will be going."

- John, Director of Brand Management at BlueLight

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